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Skin Weft Application Instructions


How to attach theSkin Weft system

Step One

Section the hair into 3 even sections. The first section 1 inch from the base of the scalp.  The second section 1.5 inches above the first.  The third section 1.5 inches above the second.

Step Two

Hold the skin weft against each section and cut two identical pieces for each section.  Leave 2cm of hair on each side of the scalp as you will need this hair free on either side of the scalp to ensure the weft remains invisible.

Step Three

Place a layer of thermal tape onto the inside of each piece of weft.  Round the edges of the tape using your scissors to prevent pointy edges.  Trim tape to ensure that it is only adhered to the PU strip of the weft and not the actual hair.

Step Four

Hold the first piece of the skin weft, tape facing up against the head 1.5cm from the scalp.  Lower a thin layer of hair (approx 2mm) onto the tape and hold in place with 2 clips on each side of the weft. 

 Step Five

Place the second matching piece of weft , tape facing down, directly onto the first piece of weft and hair.  Ensure that the tape on both pieces of weft is matched up exactly.   Press firmly together and hold in place with 2 clips on each side of the weft.

Step Six

Using a flat weft iron, firmly apply heat to the thermal tape through the wefts.  The heat must be applied until the thermal tape has dissolved. You will know the tape has dissolved when you see a liquid appears on the hair. Hold the weft in place with sectioning clips until the resin has dried (approx 2 mins).