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Replacement Tape Tabs
Name: Replacement Tape Tabs
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Replacement Tape Tabs for Secret Stylist Tape hair extensions.

Sold in packs of 40 pieces they are used for reattaching Tape hair extensions.

Removal & Re Application

The Pre Taped Hair Extensions will usually have to be removed and re-applied every 6-8 weeks to compensate for hair re growth. This can easily be achieved by using the ‘Extension Removing Solution’ which is supplied in both liquid or spray form.

To remove the Tape tabs efficiently just follow the simple steps below:

* First lift the attached hair extension and place some cotton or tissue underneath the Tape Tab. This will prevent too much solution getting on to the scalp.

* Spray or apply (with a Q Tip) the Removal Solution generously on the top of the Tape Tab. Allow to the solution to seep in between two PU Tabs for about five minutes.

* Next lightly pull two PU tape Tabs apart at the corners (using a pair of tweezers if necessary). The Tabs should come apart easily. However if the tabs are not releasing easily just spray some more remover into the join and peel them apart.

(Note: DO NOT force the Tape Tabs apart as this may cause damage to the hair)

* Lay the extension carefully on a flat bed to protect the Tape tab.

* Once all the extensions are removed, comb any slight residue out of the hair.

* Using a pair tweezers carefully pull out the softened residual Adhesive tape from each PU Tape tab making sure the latter remains flat then lay aside to dry.

* Next, wash the hair and Hair Extensions thoroughly with a clarifying Shampoo to completely remove the any residual Removing Solution and again do not apply any conditioner.

* Blow dry the hair and hair extension thoroughly, and lay the PU tape Extensions carefully on the side in readiness for re application.

Re Application- Prior to re applying the Tape hair extensions, the adhesive tapes on the Tape Tab must be renewed. This is done by simply applying a new ‘Re Application Tape’ to the existing PU Tape Tab. and re applying it as before. The re application tape comes as a single piece of Adhesive tape sandwiched between two backing strips.

Once the individual Tape Extensions have been re fitted with new adhesive tapes, they are ready for re-application in the normal way.

Once re applied, the Hair extensions can be blended, cut and styled in the normal manner.

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