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Keratin Resin / Glue Sticks
Name: Keratin Resin / Glue Sticks
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Brand: Secret Stylist
Stock Status: 934
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Keratin Resin / Glue Sticks

Fusion Method


Pack includes

  • 12 Resin sticks in 3 different colour tints, as picured above.
  • Plus fantastic free gift!  3 hair protector plates.
What is the Fusion method?

The fusion method, also called ‘micro-bonding’, is a popular method of applying extension hair to clients of any origin. It can be used to add highlight strands or to increase volume and length.

The benefit of the fusion method is that it allows your client to be able to run their fingers straight through giving an effect of ‘free flowing’ hair. The Fusion method is considered suitable for most hair types.

This method attaches a few strands of hair at a time to the natural hair, close to the scalp but not touching it, using a special hot resin.  Keratin resin is the most popular as it is made rom the same substance as your hair.

Before attaching any extensions, the client’s hair is shampooed, lightly conditioned at the ends and blow-dried.

Once clean and dry, the natural hair will be sectioned and a few strands will be taken at a time to which the extension hair will be attached. The keratin resin seal is heated normally using a tool such as a ‘glue gun’.

Once melted it is used to attach the extension hair to the natural hair, close to the scalp but not touching it (normally upto 1cm away). During the application process, a plastic protector is used to ensure that the melted resin does not touch the scalp.



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